Why buy a Custom Toy Cover?
    1. We make your cover to order in Bullhead City, AZ (not Taiwan).
    2. The owner of the company (Rock) will speak to any customer directly regarding any questions or concerns they might have.
    3. We offer unique covers for those who care about their toys.
    4. We offer a lifetime limited warranty.
    5. If you don’t like the fit, we will remake it.
    6. Our covers are designed for your unique toy, so odd shapes are no problem (i.e. ape-hangers long forks, lifted carts, etc).
    7. Our covers do not have elastic, but a draw cord and buckle system that finishes off the custom look.
    8. Compare our covers with the generic covers out there. Not just for fit, but for quality.
    9. Most people value their toys too much to not cover them.
    10. Custom embroidery is now available.

Are your custom covers waterproof?

No. We make dust covers that protect against indoor elements.

Are your custom covers stylish?

Very. Like your vehicle, no two are alike.

Are your custom covers durable?

Yes. But as in all things it depends on how you take care of them.

Are your custom covers cheap?

No. But, they cost no more than mass produced, generic covers that offer no custom fit.

I have special paint. What about contact with the cover?

For a nominal fee, we will put diaper felt inside wherever you specify.

Can I tow my toy with your cover on it?

It is not recommended except in a zero wind situation (i.e. covered trailer).

What is the advantage of a draw cord versus elastic?

Elastic breaks down over time. Elastic is a hassle to put on.

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